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Wedding & Corporate Events

Wedding Events

At Bodhi Hotel, we have all the arrangements for your wedding party. If you want to make your special day more special and memorable, then planning your wedding at Bodhi Hotel could be your ultimate dream wedding destination. The bride and groom along with all the family members will have a great time. Every couple has different aspirations for their wedding day, and here at Bodhi Hotel, we will make sure that their dream comes true. Bodhi Hotel is the best venue for your destination wedding in Kumbhalgarh.

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Corporate Events

We understand your corporate events define who you are as a company. We do organise corporate events at our hotel as per your requirement. The venue plays a major role in your destination corporate event. Our hotel is recognized as the best corporate event destination in Kumbhalgarh. It’s just 2 hours drive from Udaipur through scenic roads and ghats which will be an additional point of interest.